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IELTS as a requirement to studying in the UK

You will need IELTS to study in the UK!

UK Higher Education loves acronyms and assumes everyone knows what they mean. For example, SELT, what does this mean?


SELT is a Secure English Language Test. It's a term used by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to describe the English language tests they'll accept as evidence of English Language proficiency for your visa application.


UK Visa Immigration (UKVI) set the Tier 4 visa entry requirements, which is IELTS and the universities must adopt this standard to issue a CAS letter which is the key document to enable your visa application. Many universities will waiver the IELTS and accept GCSE taught locally at level C or higher. For Masters students, if you studied undergraduate level in the UK this is an acceptable to meet English level entry requirements.


TOEFL is not accepted by UKVI and other English tests. There was some scandal a few years ago were certain organisations were cheating and handing out sub-standard English qualifications. IELTS is the gold standard. 


If you want to study in the UK it has high standards and UK degrees are highly valued worldwide. There are no short cuts. If you have an IELTS score, then you have a gold standard qualification before you start. UKVI will not accept an IELTS test older than two years for a visa application.


To apply for an IELTS, you must do this online through The British Council recognised centres. A word of warning. There are two IELTS test one is for academic the other is for non-academic immigration. Please make sure you sit the Academic IELTS test.

You have to book your IELTS test through the British Council, here is the link.

If you have any questions, please use the UK Information Centre WhatsApp number below.

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